Puget Sound - Sea Run Cutthroat
Puget Sound - Sea Run Cutthroat

Puget Sound - Sea Run Cutthroat

Puget Sound, WA, United States +1 Dave McCoy

Puget Sound - Sea Run Cutthroat

Puget Sound, WA, United States
Dave McCoy
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$ 350.00
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Trip Description

Within an hour of Seattle or less, you can be fly-fishing to sea-run cutthroat that have been super-charged by their stay in the saltwater. Most of this takes place on various beaches and points located up and down Puget Sound. As the tide is coming in or going out, many of the trout, and often times Coho salmon and other species, use structure near these beaches like rocks in a river. The structure can come in many forms, with rocks, points, logs, and kelp beds being the most common. While the structure gives them a place to rest against the tidal current, they chase baitfish close to shore creating a feeding frenzy right in front of you.Much of the time, you will be casting baitfish patterns to rising trout just ahead of you, more often however, you will cast over structure where the trout are likely to be holding. As you cast to these native trout, you twitch and strip your fly awaiting their aggressive strike. These native trout average about 10-12 inches, with some slightly smaller and many others much larger. With a little persistence, one can hook into a 20-inch or larger trout. Fly fishing Puget Sound during the months of August through October however, the most popular fish to chase is the Coho or “silver” salmon. These fish, while still in the saltwater, ranging from 18 inches to 15 pounds, at times feel too powerful to land. Absolutely one of the best game fish in the world!

Trip Information

  • Base Price includes 2 guests
  • Additional Guest: 1

Multiple Durations

  • 5 Hours $ 350.00
  • Additional Guest Cost: $ 100.00
  • 9 Hours $ 450.00
  • Additional Guest Cost: $ 100.00


  • Fly Fishing


  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Lunch on full day trips
  • Rods/reels, flies and other essentials
  • Transport from downtown Seattle


About Guide

My dad introduced me to fishing as well as experiencing and enjoying life in the outdoors. Growing up in dave_headshot1bwthe Eugene area, my stomping grounds were and remain legendary namesakes; Crane Prairie and Hosmer Lakes, the Deschutes, McKenzie and Umpqua Rivers to name a few. I quickly discovered the thrill of having a fish on, but was always in awe of my surroundings. I have now been in the fly fishing industry in one form or another for 21 years now professionally and am relentlessly striving to surpass expectations everywhere I can. I am nothing in my pursuits without my wife Natalie and daughter Nessa who constantly remind me why I am so inspired, without saying a word. Patagonia and Costa Ambassador, Winston, Rajeff Sports, Bauer Pro Staff Member, Winston Pro Photographer, Keepemwet Ambassador and IFFF Certified Casting Instructor, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Photographer