Northern California - Goose Hunt
Northern California - Goose Hunt

Northern California - Goose Hunt

7505 Colusa Hwy, Sutter, CA, USA Capt. James Stone

Northern California - Goose Hunt

7505 Colusa Hwy, Sutter, CA, USA
Capt. James Stone
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$ 650.00
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Trip Description

Guided Northern California Goose hunting starts well before the sun rises in the sky. We normally meet between 3:30 a.m. to 5 a.m. depending on which field we are going to be hunting. We move fields almost every day and pick up decoys with clients. We are chasing the geese in the valley as they move from field to field and have great success by setting up spreads the morning of the hunt. Goose hunting takes place from one of our private rice/row crop fields. A full day hunt is until from shoot time until 11:30 a.m. or until limits are taken. NOTE: This hunt requires work among all people setting and taking down decoys. (Mobile Hunt) NOTE: This is hunting wild birds and in no way to we imply you will shoot birds or take your limits. We are very successful on long term average and have many great days but we do have a few slow ones too. Be prepared for that!

Trip Information

  • Base Price includes 2 guests
  • Additional Guest: 20
  • Additional Guest Cost: $300

What to Bring

CA Hunting License and Federal/State Stamps Waders and Camo Rain Jacket and Camo Hat Warm layered clothing Headlamp Shotgun (20 gauge) (12 gauge) Ammo Steel Shotgun Shells (2 boxes/person) Snacks/Drink Camera (Pictures will be taken and ed or texted to you included in trip)

Booking Seasons

  • 15th Dec - 27th Jan


  • Truck
  • Polaris Ranger
  • ATV


About Guide

Elite Sportsmen is the premier hunting and fishing guide service-company, located in the heart of Northern California Sacramento valley. With over 25 years of hunting/fishing experience in the United States, founder, James Stone, grew up in California following his passion as an avid fisherman. He knew from a very early age that the enjoyment of the outdoors was particularly fulfilling, and he strove to become a great outdoorsman. James started waterfowl hunting in mid 90’s with some of his closest friends and found it to be the only thing to do in the winter months. He started managing private duck clubs in 1999 and currently has over 15 years of experience organizing, planning and structuring deals with rice farmers, landowners and government officials. James graduated from Sacramento State University in 2002 and later moved to the Yuba/Sutter area. James currently guides so he can share his skill and experiences with other outdoorsmen. Uniquely, James has created relationships with so many landowners in the Sacramento Valley that he has multiple rice field properties to hunt as well as a few natural clubs. He also guides waterfowl excursions on the Delta from his duck boat. After living in Yuba/Sutter for a few years he found his true fishing passion on the rivers of Northern CA. He loves to fish for Stripers, Sturgeon and Salmon and Shad on the Yuba, Feather and Sacramento River from his jet boats. James is a licensed USCG captain which is required for ALL guides using any type of vessel on any navigable waterway. James called his company “Elite Sportsmen” to bring an elite experience to elite hunters across the U.S. James is a true outdoorsman who knows that Hunting/Fishing is not just about catching and killing; it is about experiencing good times, enjoying nature, and wildlife education. He individually caters to his client’s needs to ensure that each client has an amazing educational experience, while creating a new friendship.


Land Information

  • Rice Fields
  • Area: 120 acres

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