Offshore Marlin

March 05, 2018Location: Marina, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

We headed out off the Pacific side busting water up to the grounds. The sea temps were holding at 73 and conditions were excellent. The bite was right out front of the Cape Rocks about 4 miles. We didn't waste time as we had a striped marlin up on the teaser and pitched it a live bait. Top deckie Poli Martinez fed it and gave it a little line. Bam hook up!! We made quick business of that one and after a quick catch and release we were looking for another. I swung Picudo back around downswell and it wasn't more than a half hour later that we raised a double. One was all over the daisy chain and the other was messin with my ballyhoo shotgun long. I dropped the ballyhoo back in freespool, gave him a few seconds and pulled up tight....hookup! This fish went nuts jumping and rippin line. Finally got him settled down and the angler in the chair. This was a good one around 150lbs and gave us a great fight. At the end it got tail wrapped and we made quick business of him. We let him go to fight another day. We ditched the big gear and bombed it to the beach. Spent an hour on the light tackle pulling on pompanos and sierra. We loaded on fillets and called it a day! Its classic Cabo winter fishing at the Cape! It should get even better as we loose this moon. I heard a rumor the dorado showed on the east side, we're going that way mañan!! Gotta love it!!


Captain Casey Carter is the owner operator of the sportfisher Picudo. Casey is a Hawaiian born waterman who has spent his whole life in and on the water. As an avid surfer and fisherman he came to cabo in the late 70s to enjoy the fantastic waves and fishing in the Cabo San Lucas area. He fell in love with the small fishing village and by 1984 had moved full time to Cabo. He met his wife and both his sons were born in Cabo. He is bilingual, a dual citizen and has been in the sportfishing business for over 30 years. Capt. Casey began fishing at an early age fishing with his father all over the world. They fished together in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Siam, East and West coast USA as well as the Hawaiian Islands. As a professional captain Casey has extensive knowledge of all Mexican waters including west coast Baja, Sea of Cortez and south down mainland Mexico. He has ran sportfishers up tp 85 feet and has vast experience in boat operations and repair. He was a founding partner in Cabo Yacht Center where he spent 5 years as general manager. Casey is well known in Cabo Marina and is known for his hard work ethic and dedication to fishing. Capt. Casey has owned and operated the 45 custom walk around flybridge sportfisher Picudo for the last 4 years. II it s big game offshore,inshore, bottom fishing or chasing the huge marlin Casey is fanatic about them all! He is known for his patience and good sense of humor making a fishing day with him very enjoyable. If its your 1st trip or you are an expert angler Casey will accommodate you. Catching the fish is one thing but having fun is what its all about! With good reason Capt. Casey is in love with his work and his boat. Picudo is a gem of a boat, the fishing is unbelievable, and the weather is perfect. If your choice is day fishing, over nighters, or hardcore, Capt Casey is waiting for you!