The trout are coming!

December 04, 2018Location: Destin, FL, USA

The sun popped out today for the first time in what seems like a month but more like a few days ! We are spoiled here on the gulf coast with great weather and even better fishing ! The rain has cleared from the forecast for the next week highs in the low 60’s will make fishing the beach very enjoyable this week. The trout should be chasing that clean saltwater into the gulf and eating everything in their path in the process. There’s no funner way to catch them than in the surf if you ask me ! This is an early morning highly tide dependent bite but when it lines up its your best shot at a gator trout nearly anywhere on the panhandle of Florida . Small fish don’t last long in the Gulf of Mexico and these fish are very aggressive considering the water temps. We catch them right in the first cut most mornings mere feet off the beach . It’s total madness when we find a nice school but something you won’t soon forget ! Call or message me today and let us put you on one !


At Sand Flea outfitters our guides have over 30 years combined fishing experience on our local waters this combined with intense knowledge of the fish we pursue . Allows us to be able to consistently put our clients on trophy sized fish while surf fishing or wading . We are Destins only surf fishing outfitter and guide service . We cater to everyone from the beginner to the die hard fisherman. The education everyone receives when fishing with us is what makes the experience so special, a few hours with us and we’ll have you reading the beach and spotting fish like a pro! All the things our guides will share with you during your fishing trip can be used and applied to most any beach throughout the world in order to locate and catch fish from the beach. Our main targets are pompano , red fish , black drum , whiting and flounder . Shore based shark fishing trips also available call for details!