Red October -redfish-trout-triple tail-stonecrab season

October 17, 2018Location: Crystal River, FL, USA

This is a great time of the year. Cold fronts start to push through (not really cold) bringing water temps down. The redfish are starting to school up on outside points where they can ambush shrimp coming in from offshore and fin fish baits leaving the shallows. Meanwhile the trout have followed the shrimp. Top waters are great fun for the trout. To finish the report there are thousands of crab traps out there, the triple tail will be hanging under buoys. You may have to cover a little ground but the trips are here. Good fishing and if you want to try fishing in our area. You're on the right site . Thank captain Robert Mcclinnis.


I grew up in Crystal River Florida which is situated on the pristine Nature Coast. My passion for all things boating and fishing began from a very early age and only deepened into adulthood. My 14 years of working in the charter fishing industry have been the most rewarding of my life and I couldn't imagine spending my days any other way. I am truly in my element on the water with my clients.